Tia Norton is set to play her second season with Las Vegas Smash


Las Vegas Smash re-signs Tia Norton, a star player from the United Kingdom. Norton, who is just 20 years old, has already made a name for herself in the sport. Norton turned pro in 2021 and in two years she has a long list of titles and achievements that surpass most with decades on her in the sport. Norton holds three titles, FIP Rise, London Padel Open, LTA Grade 1 Stratfor and HOP Pro Tour LTA Grade 1, Harrogate. Norton played for Las Vegas Smash its inaugural season in 2023 and was an integral part of the Franchise earning the first ever PPL Championship Cup.Tia Norton

Norton started playing padel in Birmingham back in 2015, at the age of 12, after a childhood spent playing tennis recreationally she was clearly a natural talent.  2018, she was selected to play for the Great Britain junior team at World Championships in Mexico - where she reached the quarter-finals.

Tia Norton

Norton is known for her powerful shots and her ability to read the game, which has helped her win several matches. Aside from her skills on the court, Norton is also a role model for young players. She is passionate about promoting the sport of Padel and encourages young people to take it up. 

Norton's achievements on the court and her positive impact off the court have made her a rising star in the world of Padel. She has already made history as one of the top women's Padel players in the UK, and she has the potential to achieve even greater things in the future. From British No.1. In 2021 she made her debut on the World Padel Tour and has since become the first British woman to win a match on the tour to joining the Las Vegas Smash in 2023. Her passion for the sport, dedication to team and undeniable talent, Norton is definitely one to watch in the world of Padel, stay tuned for her second season as part of the Las Vegas Team at North America's Pro Padel League Western Conference. VAMOS!

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