7 tips to Mastering Your Recreational Padel Game Grip

How to grip a Padel racket properly?

The Correct Padel Racket Grip - 7 Pro Tips

To a Padel racket properly, follow these steps:

Start with the basic grip

Place the racket in your non-dominant hand with the strings facing towards you.

Hold the handle 

Position your hand on the handle of the racket, ensuring that the base rests at the bottom of your palm.


Position your hand so that the handle runs along the bottom crease of your hand, allowing your fingers to wrap around naturally.

Finger placement

Your fingers should wrap around the handle with a firm, but not overly tight, grip. Each finger should have contact with the handle, but avoid squeezing too hard, as it can cause tension and decrease your control.

Thumb placement:

Position your thumb comfortably on the back of the handle, opposite your fingers. It should rest diagonally towards the racket head, providing stability and control.

Proper wrist position

Maintain a slight downwards angle with your wrist, ensuring it's not completely straight. This angle helps improve your shot accuracy and power.

Grip it don't Squeeze it

Your grip should be firm enough to maintain control of the racket, but not so tight that it restricts your flexibility or limits your wrist movement.

Remember to practice and adjust your grip as needed to find what feels comfortable and allows you to have a good range of motion during your Padel game.

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