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Share your love of Sports and Support your team with friends and family.
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Share your love of Sports and Support your team with friends and family.

Wearing your Las Vegas Smash apparel is a visible and passionate way to show your support for the team. It lets others know who you're cheering for and can create a sense of camaraderie with fellow fans. Purchasing team apparel is often a way to financially support the team. The revenue generated from merchandise sales helps us invest in players, facilities, and other resources.

Team Spirit

Las Vegas Smash apparel can help boost your own team spirit. When you wear your team's colors and logo, it can make you feel more connected to the team and the sport itself.

Game Day Tradition

For many fans, Las Vegas Smash team apparel is part of their game day tradition. It can be a fun and meaningful way to get into the spirit of the game, whether you're attending in person or watching from home. Wearing Las Vegas Smash team apparel can be a bonding experience with friends and family supporting the same team. It's a way to share your passion and connect with others with a common interest.

Promotes Team Unity

Fans collectively wearing team apparel can create a sense of unity among supporters. This unity can positively impact the team's morale and performance. Memorabilia: Team apparel can serve as memorabilia, especially if associated with a memorable season or championship victory. It becomes a tangible reminder of great moments in the team's history.


Our items were designed with style in mind for padel fans, enthusiasts, players and pros. They can be fashionable and comfortable every day, not just on game days. It allows you to incorporate your passion for sports into your personal style.


Team apparel makes a great gift for sports-loving friends and family. It shows that you've considered selecting a gift that aligns with their interests.

Collectible Value

Sometimes, team apparel items can become valuable collectibles, especially if they are associated with historic moments or iconic players.

The Pro Padel League (PPL) is North America’s first professional Padel Teams league. The PPL’s mission is to create a premier sports league providing a national stage for the sport while generating nationwide awareness and excitement for Padel as it continues to grow across North America. The PPL’s high octane team competition will kick-off in the Spring of 2023 with six teams or more and conclude with the PPL CUP where the four best teams will compete for the title. During the first season, each team will consist of two male and two female players and will follow the international scoring format. For more information on the PPL, visit:
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