Globo, Bandejas or Viboas Padel Shots to Consider and Learn

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with Pro Padel League! This competitive padel tournament series features some of the world's best players. An international-level event, it provides spectators an unparalleled opportunity to watch professional matches and learn from elite athletes. Not only that, but you can also enjoy a lively atmosphere with food and drinks available for purchase – perfect for an evening out with family and friends. 

Some shots to watch for...


The globo is a fundamental shot in padel that aims to force opponents away from the net and gain an advantageous attacking position. By landing the ball in the last few centimeters of the court, the player prevents the opponent from responding with powerful shots like smashes, bandejas, or viboas. This strategy limits the opponent's time to reach the net, allowing the player to maintain control of the point.


In situations where a player is faced with a short ball that is not suitable for a comfortable smash, the bandeja shot comes into play. Its purpose is to maintain the attack position and prevent the opponents from taking a net position. By forcefully "slicing" the ball at head height and directing it towards the lateral walls, the player creates additional difficulty for the opponent to establish a net position. The focus of the bandeja shot is on depth rather than power.


The vibora shot is similar to the bandeja but more complex and offensive. It involves holding the racquet in a lateral position and hitting the ball near the body, preferably above head height and in line with the right shoulder. By utilizing a powerful rotation of the bust and an accentuated movement of the elbow, the player imparts a strong sidespin on the ball. This makes it challenging for the opponent to control and results in a low rebound. When executing the vibora shot, it is advisable to apply more power when close to the net and reduce the velocity when at center court. This allows the player to gain more time to establish a net position. It is crucial to aim for depth and a lateral trajectory when executing the vibora shot.

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