Guga and Blanco take home the All Star Championship Title in Mens Doubles


Last night was a night for the sports history books. We were on the edge of our seat watching the non-stop action as the Eastern and Western Conference All Star Men Players took Padel to another level. The lobs, the serves, the smashes, the high-octane non-stop action as they adapted to their new team mates skill sets and techniques was thrilling to watch. You could see the moments of clarity and individual breakthroughs as each side tried to overcome the other sides strengths and outplay them on the next point.

Guga and Jacob Blanco All Star Score Results Men Doubles Pro Padel League

Padel is easy to learn but nearly impossible to master but the three hour All Star match performances proved mastering is possible and while these pros from the Pro Padel League teams made it look easy, the sweat dripping from their brow proved it to be anything but.

San Diego made it even more difficult the cool night left the court glass full of condensation as the heated athletes, ran through the court smashing the ball with their paddles with unbelievable force, the glass continued to fog making the predictable angles slightly less so. The wet air made even the grip on their paddles evidently more difficult than normal dry conditions. The players teamed up with opposing franchise team members from the same conference making the conditions the least of the athletes challenges to overcome with announcements of line up occurring just a day before the match itself.  Playing with a new team mate could have proved nearly impossible to overcome yet these pros moved in unison as if they had a lifetime of practice together behind them.  

I sat edge of my seat, as did the rest of the spectators and the live chat lit up during the first set as people tuned into the PPL live stream and the Tennis Channel alike to see their favorite PPL athletes take the court. 

The first set, the Eastern Conference represented by Arkansas Matrix Agritelley and Miami Padel Clubs' Rivera vs Western Conference, represented by Las Vegas Smashs' Guga and SanDiego Stingrays Jacob Blanco was anyone's match.  The teams gave each other a run that could have resulted in either side taking the Victory, leaving everyone wondering and commenting on the likeliest outcome. The second set, Guga and Blanco of the Western Conference dominated 6 - 0, ending the match and taking home the Mens All Star Title and adding three points to the Western Conference. Personally, I woke up inspired to get out and play this morning, further proving to myself just how difficult the game is to master at this level. Watching it was pure adrenaline when played at this level with the dedication and fortitude on display last night. Season 2024 can't come fast enough, I can't wait to see these incredibly talented athletes play again, PPL is one of the most exciting sports to watch live or on screen!  In the meantime I will keep replaying the live stream and enjoying every moment.

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