Pro Padel League Inaugural All-Star Match To Feature Las Vegas Smash Teams Very Own, Juan Manuel "Guga" Vazquez

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The Pro Padel League is ushering in a new era of professional Padel competition in North America after a thrilling first season final game concluding in June 2023. The inaugural All-Star Match will be held in San Diego on November 18, 2023, where last season's stars have been selected to compete. Juan Manuel "Guga" Vazquez representing Las Vegas Smash against top players from the Arkansas Matrix, San Diego Sting Rays, Cancun Waves, Los Angeles Beat, and Miami Padel Club, will face off in this high-performance match. Guga's skill on the court and dedication to the sport has impressed fans and spectators since joining the Las Vegas Smash Team in 2023. He was an integral part of leading Las Vegas Smash to victory in the inaugural season championship, where he and Las Vegas Smash teammates victoriously took home the inaugural season championship trophy.

All Star

Pro Padel League is in the process of making sports history and adding excitement to the North American pro sports landscape.

The Pro Padel League is revolutionizing Padel in North America. Founded in 2021, this professional Padel league now has grown from 7 teams in 2023 to 9 teams in 2024 across the US, Mexico and Canada, each with its own unique regional identity.

The PPL is the first of its kind and the only professional Padel tour to feature team competition in a unique and engaging format. Padel is a dynamic hyper-social sport that is growing at an incredible clip in North America and is attracting a dedicated audience around the world.

This high-octane sport is among the fastest-growing sports in the world. An increasing number of global celebrities and athletes are embracing Padel because it is fun to learn and play and is full of action! Padel is taking off in North America, and its growth is not stopping.

All-Star Match to take place in San Diego on November 18 at 6pm

The Pro Padel League is proud to present its inaugural All-Star Match. To be held in San Diego, the match will feature the league's most talented players from the 2023 season. These professional Padel players will put on an unforgettable show for fans in attendance and watching at home.

Be sure to tune into the All-Star Match live on November 18 at 6 p.m. or get tickets for the San Diego match online to get an early glimpse at what's coming this season. It promises to be one pro-sport event people won't want to miss!

Guga All StarHeadlining the star-studded lineup is Juan Manuel "Guga" Vazquez, a member of the Las Vegas Smash. Guga's extensive experience playing professionally throughout Europe has given him unparalleled insight into different styles of play that viewers can look forward to seeing showcased during the All-Star Match. All eyes are on Guga as he leads the 2023 Championship team, Las Vegas Smash, into battle against some of the best Padel players from across North America for the All-Star Match. He is a tremendous athlete and exciting to watch in action, from his incredible smashes to his strategic swings on the court to his emotional passion for the sport and team.

Not only will spectators enjoy witnessing top talent in Pro Padel, but they will also get an early glimpse at some of the new rules and formats implemented for the 2024 season.

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